Rebel Pioneers of the Gluten-Free Uprising

The Gluten-Free Revolution is in full swing across the globe! Demand has surged in recent years in everything from gluten-free pizza to pasta to cereal. Now, God’s golden nectar – Beer, has gotten a much-anticipated remake in a gluten-free recipe.

And who was the first to debut the gluten-free beer formula in Ireland? Only, yours truly! The West Cork beer-brewing underdogs, breaking open the market in 2014, with a whole host of new flavours, coming to a bar or off-license near you.

Why is this news-worthy?

We forged ahead, bravely, into the great unknown! Like the Tom Crean of creamy stout. Like Lance Armstrong (no, he was on a raft of drugs while cycling). Strike that, Neil and the boys on the moon. One small step for beer, one giant leap for Cork brewers. We are frontiersmen, paving the way for lesser beer brands to walk in our dusty lunar footsteps.

We all also know that traditionally made beers can wreak havoc on digestion (If you know what I mean?). This can occur in those with coeliac disorder or even those with mild sensitivities to the gluten in barley. This can result in bloating or longer-term health risks.

Our Gluten-Free beverages open up the crisp delicious taste of lagers, ales or stouts, to those who could only previously look on at their mates in the bar with envy. It is a revolution in inclusivity! A war against bloating. A blitzkrieg against having to leave your date and rush to the bog!

We have come a long way from the dark ages of gluten-free products. We remember the gluten-free Dominos pizza that crumbled like crackers. Can you really call that a pizza? Never, will we repeat the mistakes of the gluten-free industry! If you have tasted our range, you know this isn’t idle gossip.

Our artisan brewers (the team in Ballyvourney) work tirelessly on flavours that stand up to any big-name brands. Our brews are proudly made with the best local natural ingredients with your well-being in mind, as well as an eye on the lowest environmental impact.

Never suffer the dreaded beer bloat ever again. Kiss beer-bellies goodbye as a thing of the past! Choose a new alternative. Never be left out again with our wide range of gluten-free (but not taste-free) lager, ale and stout from bottle or keg.

Here’s to doing what had never been done before! Three cheers for bringing gluten-free drinks to Irish shores.

Viva la Gluten-Free Revolucion!