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Welcome to our on line shop, we’ll have continually changing offers, there is almost always a promotion going to give you three cases of beer for €90 with free delivery. As we go through these Covid times together, we want to at least make it possible to have great beer, fresh from the brewery safely delivered to your door.

We are continually finding solutions to bring the best beer experience direct to your door.

Free delivery with any 3 x cases

So if you’re buying two,  an extra case is only costing you a tenner if one of them is on promotion. Follow us on social media to keep updated of offers.

The offer for January is Stag Kolsch – coupon code kolsch21, just enter at checkout if you have a case of  Stag Kolsch in the basket to get an additional €15 off

Delivery for less than 3 cases is €10, we use a drinks specialized delivery company, our breakages and returns are minimized as a result and you won’t be disappointed.

                                                                                                                                     Delivery is within the Republic of Ireland only, if you wish to pay and collect, just phone in your order 026 27110.

Want Draught beer at home ?

Here’s a handy guide to the different options Draught options guide

We are working with a partner company Ikegger,  to enable this, at low cost and so simple it’s genius, complete ready built kits, custom bar set up and all the ancillaries needed to make an awesome draught experience at home, use the code “9whitedeer” to get a 10% discount on their self isolation packs (everything you need). Once people see this it will go like toilet paper, do not delay if your thinking about it.

Here is a couple of short videos going through what you need for a) Lager, Ale and IPA draught setup and b) Draught Stout Setup

We ordered the stout set up, watch this to see the unboxing of the beautifully designed equipment, have you ordered yet, you do like draught beer right !!

Unboxing the Draught Stout option

Build your own minikeg system


**** NEW ****

We also offer 20 litre kegs for those that have draught systems set up at home, they are a one way, disposable keg so no deposit is required and we can ship them anywhere within Ireland

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