People who know us, know that we’re into sustainability.⁣

So we recently installed an array of solar panels on the brewery roof with a grant from SEAI. ⁣

Sounds fierce worthy… and maybe just a tad tokenistic?⁣

After all, how much juice can you actually get from some roof panels in rural Ireland?⁣

Enough to power a string of fairy lights and some mobile phone chargers, say?⁣

We reckon those panels will deliver some 80% of our energy needs from March to September – it doesn’t even need to be roaring sunshine.⁣

And that’s our busiest time, when all the equipment’s going full pelt.⁣

If we could power the brewery with pure smugness we would.⁣

But no boffin has yet managed to tap the formidable natural resource of West Cork smugness – ‘twould be a gift to the world! ⁣

These panels will make a serious difference to what we do.⁣

If you’re a business looking to cut your energy bills and get serious about all those buzzwords (futureproofing, corporate responsibility, sustainable future, and the like).

Then you should definitely check out the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland website: