Our good friends in the Franciscan Well Bar are hosting their annual Easter Beer Festival next Friday and Saturday, 29th & 30th March, from 1pm. ⁣

Admission is free and there’ll be live music…so that got us feeling all creative.⁣ Since it’s not even warm yet, we thought we’d brew a Summer-themed limited edition draught just for the occasion! Tis’ called Stag Lilt.

You’ll understand why when we say it’s a divine combination of Draught Stag Bán and pineapple. Now, we’ve absolutely no idea what the weather is going to be like next weekend (this is Cork, after all).

But we promise, rain or shine, the Stag Lilt will bring tropical draught beer taste to the banks of the Lee.

Please Enjoy Our Limited Edition Gluten Free Draught Stag Lilt Responsibly.⁣