Our innovative brewing is reflected in the industry awards we’ve collected over the years. Last year we won a Gold Medal in the Beers & Ales category for our Black Lightning IPA at the Irish Quality Food and Drinks Awards.

1. Mashing

The freshly cracked malted barley enters the mash tun where it meets the brewing water (liquor). The enzymes in the malt convert the starches into sugars creating a sweet liquid called wort.

2. Lautering

The wort is now separated from the spent malt. It is rinsed with more liquor to extract all the goodness.

3. Boiling

In the kettle the wort is boiled and hops get added. Most of the flavour profile of the beer is created here. Boiling improves the stability of the beer after packaging and extracts the lovely hop goodness from the hop additions.

4. Separation

After boiling the clear wort is removed, the hops, bits of malt and other proteins are left behind.

5. Fermentation

They say “A brewer makes wort and the yeast makes beer.” Here we add the yeast to the now cooled wort and create ideal conditions for the yeast to flourish. A different yeast will change a beer completely as it converts the sugars into alcohol, CO2 and flavours.

6. Conditioning

This is where the beer is left to mature and the remaining yeast reabsorbs the flavours giving a cleaner tasting beer. We condition for longer than most other breweries. Our goal is to make the best beer possible, not the cheapest. We hope you enjoy our range of beers!