Product Description

We have three styles of glasses to give your beer the best appearance, aroma, taste and head retention. It’s not just a case of they look nice, the shape of a glass is functional, and we have chosen three styles to cover our range. These are professional grade premium glassware, when you hold them you’ll know.

The Pint glass, or tumbler style is a modern take on the classic tulip, the style has been given an uplift and designed to help keep the head thickness as it goes down the glass, they are not etched as we cant risk messing up the Stag Stout appearance. A modern everyday solid pint glass, certified volume 1 x pint to brim. These are made from toughened and tempered glass designed for commercial use.

Stemmed pint goblet is the perfect beer glass to capture aroma, keep the head tight and allow you to swirl and release more of the beers delicate aroma as the CO2 bursts out of solution. These are heavy duty professional products that will last. The Goblet is also designed with draught beer in mind as it is also certified 1 x pint to the brim.

Stemmed half pint goblet is designed to use with our 500ml bottles and for 1/2 pint draught measures, it’s a slimmer version of the larger goblet with the same build quality. Its narrow form naturally maintains a compact head as you enjoy the beer.

All our glassware is made by Sahm in Germany, to very high standards.