Product Description

We have been working hard to bring the people what they want, draught beer at home. You can have any of our beers on draught, yep including Stag Stout with its creamy nitro pour. We have teamed up with Ikegger to bring you a draught package to suit every budget. Follow the link 9 White Deer Draught and use the promotion code 9whitedeer to get 10% discount on the “Self isolation packages”, and, if your order is over €119 then shipping is also free.

Here is how it works;

  • You buy and own the equipment at a discount using the code 9whitedeer
  • Send us your clean keg, via courier.
  • We fill it using our filling equipment with your choice of beer, and we’ll fill your sodastream bottle with the appropriate gas for free.
  • We ship it back to you, free of charge if 10 litres or more.
  • You enjoy draught quality beer at home, have the best BBQ in the Parish.
  • Wash out the equipment and repeat.
  • If local you can drop off the keg for us to fill but we need a bit of prior notice.

For a couple of hundred quid your now set up for draught beer at home, no equipment rental, no deposit, no coolers, no gas rental or sourcing, no electricity and no hassle. The guys at Ikegger have a fantastic reputation, great instructions and a huge choice of equipment.