Product Description

With so many of you after creating your own bar at home for your own enjoyment we can supply any of our beers in 20 litre PET one way kegs. 20 litres is 35 pints. This is a great size for home use as the kegs will be turned over quicker ensuring your pints are fresh. Suitable for kegerators and inline coolers. These use a D-Type Coupler which we also stock and sell at cost price to you. We need to limit these to 2 x kegs per person, for home use, if you try and order more it will not process the order or show a shipping option and may delay the order.
Please note that our 20 litre PET one way kegs need to be refrigerated between 4 to 8 degrees at all times. We have the Stag Stout and Stag Kolsch Lager in stock all the time, if you want one of the other beers drop us a message through the contact form Here and we’ll fill it for you.

No deposits, no returning kegs and keeps your pints as fresh as possible, choose from our fantastic creamy stout to our most popular Kolsch light lager

These are made from the same material as soda bottles (PET) and are fully recyclable.

Due to such high demand, please allow 1-3 working days for shipping, we can’t take orders by phone as we’re busy getting orders out to you guys, please use the online ordering.