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5ltr Mini Keg


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A 5ltr Mini Keg filled with any of our beers, just choose from the drop down menu.

(Please note; the Stag Stout minikeg is NOT the nitro version, this can only be done with iKegger,Dolium or Steel Kegs and dispensed through a special tap with nitro stout gas. We fill them with the same beer as is in the bottles)

5ltr Mini Keg serves approx. 8.8 pints, and is fully recyclable. To get the most from them we recommend using in combination with the Klarstein Beer Machine, have a look HERE

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Stag Bán Pale Ale, Stag IPA, Stag Kolsch Lager, Stag Stout, Stag Rua, Black Lightning


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