9 White Deer Brewery is nestled in the heart of West Cork, Ireland making the highest quality Irish beers with Irish ingredients.

Táimid lonnaithe i nGaeltacht Mhúscraí agus is cúis bróid dúinn go bhfuil an Ghaeilge beo anseo. Baile Bhúirne abú!

Our Story

9 White Deer Brewery is nestled in the heart of West Cork, Ireland making the highest quality Irish beers with Irish ingredients. The name 9 White Deer has a strong link to Baile Bhuirne, as it is where one of Ireland’s most famous saints;

St. Gobnait visited and made it her place of resurrection. According to the 6th century fable, St Gobnait was told by an angel that where she will come upon 9 White Deer is where she will also find a mystical well and to then set up an Abbey and a church. The site that is associated with St Gobnaits revelation is just one kilometre away from the 9 White Deer Brewery in Baile Bhúirne Co. Chorcai.

Our company is located in a Gaeltacht – an area with special linguistic status, because of the amount of people who still speak Irish on a daily basis. Our company is known locally as Fia Bán, the Irish for White Deer, and we also produce a beer called Stag Bán (white stag) in memory of St. Gobnait’s vision

Siúlaigh Éire go léir trí chéile ach gaibh go réidh trí Bhaile Bhúirne agus bíodh deoch beorach agat in ár dteanna.


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At 9 White Deer Brewery, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We source natural ingredients from the local area and use an eco-friendly brewing process to create exceptional beers that are respectful of the environment. To help us achieve our sustainability goals, we’re working with the ENSO Initiative, to create and implement our own sustainability strategy, track our performance, and communicate our sustainability initiatives in a transparent manner. We believe that by operating ethically and responsibly, we can make a real difference in the world while still producing delicious and high-quality beer.

To learn more about our sustainability goals, please visit our ENSO page at

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9 White Deer Brewery were fantastic to deal with from start to finish – prompt responses, creativity with coming up with a customized gift pack for our sports & social members, flexibility in dealing with last minute changes and just great overall customer service. Everything was delivered promptly and the beer was absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend 9 White Deer Brewery as a great business to work with.

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Our innovative brewing is reflected in the industry awards we’ve collected over the years. We have a range of gluten free beers including a Kolsch Larger, a Pilsener, a Pale Ale, a Black Ale, a Red Ale and a Stout. Shop for your favourite below.

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The easiest way to purchase our products is to order them online or visit one of the following retailers here. Feel free to suggest a store in your town and we’ll reach out to them.

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