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5 Stags IPA

Pale Ale (4.5%)

5 Stags is an American style IPA bursting with hops, a sessionable IPA in a form you would expect, masses of floral citrus and passion fruit flavour and aroma. The number 5 because we use 5 types of hops, 5 different malts and it’s 5% abv.

The hops are what this is about, Summit and Chinook are the late players giving most of the delicate flavours and aroma with Willamette, Centennial and Cascade giving is a base to jump from.

The colour is closer amber than pale, all this hops needs some sweetness to balance it out, we achieve it with the use of a large amount of Munich and light cara malts and of course our own Irish base malt.

Uncompromised and unfiltered this is a belter of an IPA with over 60 IBU, we developed a skill in hiding all that bitterness while still enjoying all that hops.

Carbonation medium to high, how else can the aroma explode out of the glass.

5 of anything is always better!

Direct Draft Sales
Don – 087 2603928

Direct Bottle Sales
Dan – 085 8666125

026 27110


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